[Ravensfort] Red Tape made easy

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Sir Kief you are in violation of rule:   2) Airing 
personal issues such as grudges, etc will
not be tolerated. The following 
is the revised policy Effective April 9, 2002 & This policy applies to personal drama and slander.

You are placed under moderation for 30 days. After the main list is released in 72 hours your 30 days will begin.

In Service,

Lord Erich Rabe
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List Rules:

April 9, 2002 - Revised May 15, 2006

General use guidelines for the Raven's Fort list

This list is to be used for Raven's Fort information. This list was not 
intended for
 personal issues or issues regarding other organizations 
from the SCA. Here are some questions you need to ask 
before you post: There are 78 or so people that 
subscribed to this list, do you want all of them to
know this 
information? Is this related to RF or SCA,
i.e. demos, fighter practice, 
guild meetings, and things
of this nature? Could this statement be 
as sarcastic, snide, vulgar or rude?

personal issues such as grudges, etc will
not be tolerated. The following 
is the revised policy

Effective May 15, 2006. It will be re-posted
monthly so everyone is very clear about the consequences. 
easiest way to avoid this is discretion, if someone
you, wait. Do not reply, I know this is hard,
but that means the person 
who initiated the attack is
the only one with repercussions.

This policy applies to personal drama and slander.

a) First 
incident: If an individual submits an
objectionable post, they and anyone 
who responds
will be publicly warned on the list.

b) Second 
incident: This is progressive, 1hr or 6
months, it doesn't matter. If the 
exchange begins
again, or the same person begins a new incident, 
are moderated for 30 days. This also applies
to anyone 
who posts more than one reply before I can
warn him or her.

c) Third incident: This is also progressive. 
situation as above, off permanently.

 There is also 
another situation that will get a member
removed from the list 
permanently, with NO WARNING. If
you make terroristic threats, which 
include any
kind of bodily harm, you will be removed and
not allowed back on the list. I think everyone on this
list is an 
adult and knows the difference between
good-natured fighter threats 
(Death to Trimaris! and
fighter practice references) and actual 

 I hope I have made this very clear. I don't have 
intention of being a censor or judge for this list; 
expectation is that EVERYONE in this Barony is mature
intelligent enough to abide by these simple rules.

Don't be ugly to each 
other. That's it. And if you
feel compelled to be ugly, do it in private. 
not cowardly, that's being honorable and dealing
with your personal life in a manner in which people can
you. I'm not asking everyone to be best
friends, just don't air dirty 
laundry on the list.

 Everyone needs to remember that this list 
is a
privilege, not a right. If anyone has any questions
or would 
like to discuss this e-mail, please contact

Lord Erich Rabe

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From: Kief av Kiersted <sirkief at hotmail.com>
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Sent: Thursday, July 19, 2007 5:59:16 PM
Subject: Re: [Ravensfort] Red Tape made easy

Heilsa Good Sister Kaitlyn, my Crown, my Baron and Baroness, and all that 
read these words...

I regret that this missive needs to be sent and the fact that it will 
disturb the peace of many that I love and call kith and kin...but it must be 

I am bound by my oath of Fealty to the Crown of Ansteorra and, secondly, by 
my oath of Fealty to the Baron and Baroness of Ravens Fort, and by my own 
Honor to write the following words of warning.

Douglas Brian LeJeune aka Vlod aka Vlodimir of the Black Isle, aka Marius 
Atredies aka Marvis is an individual not to be trusted by any that have a 
love of the SCA, Ansteorra, the Crown, the Barony of Raven's Fort, or their 
individual peace and well being.

His past actions over many years include but are certainly not limited to:, 
Calling a sitting Crown, and some other past and future Crowns "liars", 
"cheats", and "false Rulers".  As well, he declared publically that the 
Crown's sworn representatives were "liars", "cheats", and "false 
representatives". Next he declared publically that the Crown's Appointed 
Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort were "falsely and illegally elevated". 
Afterwards he engaged in organizing and encouraging a campaign of harassment 
against a sitting Baron and Baroness and all that supported them. After that 
Baron and Baroness, weary and heartbroken, stepped down, his campaign of 
harassment continued against the duly appointed Vicar and Vicaress of 
Raven's Fort until he and his associates were able to, through slander and 
libel, drive them from their Crown appointed duties.

Now he seeks to "return" to "active play" in the SCA and the Barony of 
Raven's Fort thinking that "everyone has forgotten or doesn't care anymore". 
He and a few others have modified their names or changed their names to 
avoid any links to past actions and cloud the history of past dishonorable 

However, I, and others, have not, will not, indeed, cannot forget what 
transpired and wish to warn all that care for the ideals and dreams of the 
SCA and Ansteorra to be aware and wary.

Douglas Brian LeJeune aka Marvis aka Vlod is not to be trusted...ever.

I write these words and do declare them to be a true and accurate short 
overview of deeds witnessed.

By my Honor and by my Oath of Fealty to the Crown of Ansteorra, my Oath of 
Fealty to the Baron and Baroness of Raven's Fort I swear these words to be 
true and further defy anyone to bring factual evidence forth to refute them.

I remain true to my Oaths and in eternal Service to Crown and Home...

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
Sir Arenvald Kief av Kiersted - Baron Raven's Fort, Pelican, Lion of 
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."


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>Subject: [Ravensfort] Red Tape made easy
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>In service to the Crown,

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