[Ravensfort] Greetings

robert rothbury eversbane at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 24 08:35:17 PDT 2007

To Their Excellencies, The Baron and Baroness,

and to the esteemed populous of Ravensfort,


As I have recently introduced myself to the Ansteorra-Rapier list, I would 
like here to pay equal respect to the Barony of Ravensfort.

I was previously active at rapier in the Society at Ravensfort some time 
ago, in the modern calender, 1992-93, as simply Walter of Ravensfort. 
Pending review and approval, I herein humbly introduce myself as Robert 
Rothbury, known as Eversbane: an Engliscman of the Borders, once a page to 
the Percys and for a time serving in the armies of His Majesty King Henry 
the VIII, I am recently retired at age 47, it being now the fifth year of 
the reign of his daughter, the Good Queen Elizabeth - God Save the Queen.

As time has treated me well, my wife and I now have three children, the 
older two being boys, and the eldest now in his 11th year, and the second in 
his 7th it is time that they begin to learn defense. Unfortunately, time has 
been all too kind to my girth and I find myself in some need of exercise. 
Fortunately, training will address both issues adequately I believe, with 
God's Good Grace.

As I am in need of both information and materials, I will lurk here on the 
Ravensfort and Rapier lists through the heat of the summer. I anticipate 
becoming actively involved with the Barony later this fall. I look forward 
with fond memories to renewing and continuing my relationship with the 
Barony and the good people of the Kingdom of Ansteorra.

May God find you well and speed you on your way to your heart's desires,

In Service,


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