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His  Majesty King Henry 
the VIII, I am recently retired at age 47, it being now  the fifth year of 
the reign of his daughter, the Good Queen Elizabeth -  God Save the Queen.

Henry VIII?  When did you guys go through so many Henry's?  Last  time I 
checked, the current King's father was Henry II.  Or do you mean the  Emperor 
Henry of blessed memory here in Germany?  He was only Henry  VI, not VIII.  I have 
no idea who the current Emperor is.....some say it's  Otto, some say it's 
And I've never heard of a queen named Elizabeth in England...there is a  
PRINCESS Elisabeth up here in Thuringia (she's the little girl who's betrothed  to 
my lord's son Ludwig), but none in England that I know of.  Isn't the  
current queen named Isabella or something like that.....that's the Spanish  version 
of Elisabeth, isn't it?
I'm confused.  Not the first time it's happened, I'm sure LOL
Welcome aboard, Robert <tips hat>.
Detlef v. M.

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