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   This is from the Red Tape list and is part of a discussion about Seneschals & Autocrats. I thought it was interesting and asked Michael Silverhands if it was ok to post it on our list.  Read what Michael has to say about a group...


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 On Jul 23, 2007, at 12:31 PM, Donna Nesbit wrote:
> That's right "Remember Torre de los Brazos"  as we are in the midst  
> of trying to revive ourselves.
> Penelope

Yay! Good luck! :-)

I still have very fond memories of the group, including the event at  
which Torre was officially declared a Shire by the Crown. Gwaelyn,  
the "Round Mound of Sound" as he called himself (quite deservedly,  
too!), was heralding court. When he got to the "Vivat"s, he cried for  
all within 5 counties to hear, "Vivat the Incipient Barony of Torre  
de los Brazos!" :-)

Just remember the lessons of the past... if you're going to have a  
successful group that's going to last, you need more than 6 people  
who are willing to work at it.

I used to use the metaphor of a hay-ride when I gave Seneschal  
classes a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Playing in the SCA  
is like riding in the wagon. But someone has to pull it. That's the  
volunteers, officers, autocrats, peers, nobles, etc. -- in short,  
everyone who takes a hand at pulling the wagon. And those folks have  
to get to ride in the wagon from time to time, or sooner or later  
they'll get tired of it and find something else to do. If nobody else  
is willing to step up and help pull the wagon, then the life of the  
group can be measured by the time it takes to wear out those 6 folks.

Kind regards and sincere wishes for success,
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