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On 7/27/07, robert rothbury <eversbane at gmail.com> wrote:
My good sir Herald,

I will not be bated, Good Sir. Englisc I have been and Englisc I remain.
While I have had occassion to visit France, I regret that I have not had the
honor of visiting the German lands, more's the pity.

Although little there is that can compare to a good porter, I am somewhat
fond of a good bock, as I have on occassion been able to procure some of
Germanic origin and found it passable. Perhaps we could compare at some time
as we review my heritage. Now that I have a family and somewhat of an
estate, and given the good word of my service to the crown, I have thought
of applying for a coat of arms. Any assistance will be well compensated, at
least in number of cups.

I have always found the people of Ansteorra, and Ravensfort to be of the
highest calibre. I hold their good word to be of great value to me.

May God find you well at all times.

Your Servant,


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> >Subject: RE: [Ravensfort] Greetings
> >Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 03:50:20 +0000
> >
> >Greetings unto Robert Rothbury
> >
> >Best of welcome to Raven's Fort.
> >
> >If you decide to submit your name to the College of Heralds for SCA
> >registration and need
> >documentation help please let me know.
> >
> >>an Engliscman of the Borders
> >
> >English?  Oh dear.  My condolences.
> >You will find the people of Ansteorra very kind and understanding.
> >Many folk in the kingdom suffer from the affliction of being English :)
> >
> >Best regards to you and yours
> >Magnus von Lubeck
> >who has been German and a herald for far too many years
> >
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