[Ravensfort] June 17th Fighter Practice food sign up.

David Brown lddevin03 at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 9 13:51:14 PDT 2007

                Updated for your pleasure!  Please sign up to bring something. Remember to wear your best garb...pictures will be taken!


June 17th Fighter Practice food sign up.
 Hamburger and hot dog buns – Klar (2 pkgs of hamburger buns). Chrystal (hot dog & hamburger)
mustard - Devin
ketchup/catsup - Devin
pickle relish – Devin (& a big a** jar of pickles!)
salad dressing - Brian
sliced onions - Devin
sliced tomatoes – Lady Mary Axefoot
cheese slices swiss and american
potato salad – Malcolm  
chips – Devin (2 bags)
 deserts and things –  cookies & cooler for gatorade – Racheal & Tora
 hamburger meat -  Baron Brian
 hot dogs – Ivan
 veggie tray & cucumber tomato salad – Baroness Fionna
 crème puff things & soda – Maria Bulgarelli
 grilled chicken – Kitsune
 plastic forks - Devin
 *Brian is also bringing his pit. Chrystal & Zork are bringing extra tables. Brian & Devin are bringing table cloths.
 **Are we going to use the pit out at the park? If so, who is bringing the charcoal?
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