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The blue moon happens to fall on a Saturday.  I would think it would be a 
shame to let that go to waste since the nearest Kingdom event listed online 
is in Midland.

It would be nice if we could... ( and this is just dreaming now )
Open The Stones for overnight camping and do a pot luck supper like we did 
at the Un-event.  People could use the day to work on the site or just sit 
around and visit.  I would be willing to donate a prize or three if someone 
has ideas for competitions.  We could even do a "Rolling Bones for 
Treasures" like we did at the Blue Moons of yore.

Failing being allowed to use The Stones...
Saint David has graciously offered his place.  We can easily move most 
everything there.   It is immediately adjacent to The Stones which would 
make it very easy to find.  It is a beautiful green right now with plenty of 
wonderful camping and fighting space.  There is electric, but at either 
place we would have to rent a Port-a-potty.

An extra attraction that could be utilized at Blue Moon is what I like to 
"It Takes A Village... To Make A Really Good Fire"
"Ames Dunum Still Burns In Our Hearts".
Saint David and I are constructing several simple buildings with roofs out 
of sections of old wooden fence which are already at his place.  If there is 
no fire ban, we plan on torching it all at dusk for photos of fighters with 
a burning village and woods in the background.  It should make quite a show 
and some great shots.  There is a lot of space and water at Saint David's 
but if it is too dry, it will be postponed.

Anyway, it could be a positive, productive, lazy, interesting, creative, fun 
weekend for the Home Team and our friends.  If you think you might like to 
see this get off the ground contact the Baron & Baroness or this list.  In 
order to have enough time to arrange for the mundane there needs to be a 
thumbs up or down on this soon.  It is a small "un-event", but who ever 
autocrats will need a couple of weeks advance notice at least.


"What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul 

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> Wow!
> How did we miss this at populace?
> I think that it would be great!
> Lets plan to do this at some ones house if at all possible.
> every one who is intrested please post!
> Baron Brian
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>> Well, like was said after the non-event, it's an excuse to get
>> together...
>> Probably the best excuse, because it's one of our oldest traditions.
>> So, Blue Moon, GAT (Greenwich Anachronism Time)
>> If the site isn't available, I'll offer up my place and a bon fire.
>> Crash if you like.
>> Sanctuary gratis.
>> dsd
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>> Next month (June) has two full moons.  Do we want to hold a "Blue
>> Moon"
>> un-event at the end of the month ???
>> Pax,
>> "What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his
>> soul ?"
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