[Ravensfort] birthday party

John Reuter brian_the_french_norman at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 20:51:50 PDT 2007

Hello all.
A mother approched us at fighter practice today, and
asked if we could do a small fighting demo at her sons
birthday party next saturday batween 3 and 6 pm. The
plane to have about 15 to 20 seven and eight year
olds. It is a dragon, knights and castle theme and she
saw us and had to ask. She offered us money but we
declined as best we could so she offered us free feast
and we said what time! It will be held at the square
gazeebo just down the street in the sam houston park
near sam houston ave. If we go I think we should be
there at  4 pm. to fight.

I did not commit us but told her I would let her know
by friday.

All we need is some fighters and a few marshals to
keep the kids at bay untill we finish fighting and
give them some foam swords to fight us.

Trion, Eagon and myself plan to fight and let them
fight us. We sure could use more. I have a meeting
that early afternoon but plan to be done by three pm.
to go to the demo.

Does any one else want to help?

your Baron,
Brian du Val   :o)

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