[Ravensfort] [Gatesedge] [Stargate] --<Shadowlands>-- Fwd: June 17th fighter practice

John Reuter jareuter1066 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jun 17 08:40:19 PDT 2007

The Round Robin Practice is still on!
It is is breaking up here and some sun is peeking
through the clouds. Even if it starts raining while we
are there we have a big covered gazebo at the park and
food to eat and a photographer taking photos of sca
members and one big Raven's Fort shot for our news
just because the rain is coming down now does not mean
that it will stay that way. At the least I can promise
you a meal, good company and a dry place to share our
hospitality. Please come and enjoy the day.

Baron Brian du Val

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