[Ravensfort] Concerning the Blue Moon

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This is my bad.  Don't fuss at anyone but me.  On a rough day I let my emotions surface.  

Ever since Baron Brian let his emotions out at the May populace meeting I have been questioning why it is so hard to get people in the Barony to commit to anything.  We can't fill offices, we can't find autocrats, we even have a hard time getting a head count as to who plans to attend what.  It can be frustrating.  For a fact, this Barony has got a very loyal core group that has been here forever.  Even the newer members work hard when the work begins.  Everyone I see seems to have the Barony's good at heart.  So why don't people want to step forward ?

I believe that on a local level we fell into a period when the easiest thing to do was to wait and be told what to do.  It was the only way anything would move forward.  There are many of us that remember a time when there was not that apprehension.  Someone would have a bright idea and there would be no shortage of supporters.  Soon the whole Barony would be in on it.  We were famous for thinking outside of the box as a group.  It was because we were not afraid of being shot down if we stepped outside the box.

I believe that our Baron and Baroness want free thinkers to step forward and lead this Barony.  I believe that the Barony is headed in a positive direction.  The monthly area fighter practices are a wonderful symptom.  

Again, let me apologize for my "ruffled feathers" online.  I forgot about the sleeping elephant in the room... but the fact that I forgot is a good sign too.


"What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul ?"

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     Why does everything in this Barony have to be such a struggle? Are we that angry with each other that we can not even have a simple gathering without someones feathers getting ruffled? I mean....
     As far as I know. We are gathering at DsD's place on June 30th for an all day over night camp out. We are not even going to the site because like Kief said, we have to limit our use of the main sight. The Barony is not even paying for the port-o-potty. Some private members of the Barony have offered to pay for it. 
     So what is the deal? If you want to be sociable then come out and have some fun. If you want to sit around and bi**h...then stay away. Easy huh!


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