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Mon Jun 18 10:19:20 PDT 2007

Heilsa ya'll,

Ok, with that bit about the site now firmly resolved, we can self-motivate to plan B...

As was discussed, and has been requested, by HE Brion, HE Fiona and a holy host of other Baronial members, I will open my humble bit of Sanctuary for a Blue Moon Party.  It will be June 30.  Show up on Friday, leave on Sunday.  I'm flexible.  We have a couple of things planned, but primarily it's a eating meeting.  A social gathering.  A flying of colors in the face of  adversity. A core grouping.  "We few, we happy few...." What follows there shall be naught but a triumph of human spirit where gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here...  It's also a chance to hang out nekked with your friends.  Unless of course you care to wear garb.

So what are we doing?  Ok, fire.  Big fire.  Ded burnt bodies.  Pillaging.  Rapping.  Rap, Pillage, Burn.  Rolling bones for treasure!  Food.  Whack yer buddy.  Guitars and Drums required.  Sing if you're poor.  Tell stories, if you're destitute.  Smile and be happy in excess.  Work on your Moon Tan.  Oogle over Berta's new toe.  Hug trees.  Belch.  Twister.  Other suggestions are welcome.

The Lord's Manor is still under construction, so privies will be requested from the local province.  Tentage is acceptable.  There be crashable space in the Lord's Manor, but it's all hard surface (i.e. floor).  Bring your own rushes, bed bugs, and farm animals if sleeping in the Lord's Manor.  Peasant fan slaves will be pluggable.  There is water, although the water ogre is a bit of a moaner whilst at his art.

The Lord's Manor is open to all.  Have fun, decorate the Great Hall!  Don't fall off the battlements!  You shan't survive and will likely land where someone has urinated.

Ok, so that's all clear.  EVERYONE is invited and EVERYONE, by Baronial Decree is EXPECTED to attend.  Unless of course you can show proof of the pre-existing condition of death with which you may leave early...

We have like two weeks to organize. I and several others will be working out there non-stop!  We have a village to construct.  Bon fire to pile. Grass to whack.  Menu to plan.  The Great Hall needs a Medieval Martha Stewart, so ladies, enjoy yourselves...  Envy me, my Great Hall!  muaHAHAHA!  I suggest tapestry, banners, and pumpkins.

This is not a sanctioned event, so no real rules, excepting the ones I make up as we go...  Although all mundane and SCA laws are good guidelines for behavior.  Don't Drink and Drive.  The Lord's Dungeon is currently full of gay Saracens, but we'll find room there for anyone caught drunken droving...

Ok, enough for now...  

Oh, and a reminder, this gathering IS NOT on site.  Me and the site's land owner are diligently dozing away underbrush so that you may gaze longingly in that direction.  Through the trees and across the way, you may catch a fleeting glimpse of your beloved Hybreasal...  She does exist!  She does live!  She does miss you!  ...but resist.  You may feel tempted, drawn forth by heart's desire to frolic free as once we all did there, but resist.  RESIST!  There be trolls about!  EVIL, MERCILESS TROLLS! ...and no one, not even our bravest, shall venture forth to recover your body!  So don't cross the fence!  

...although you may touch it once indulgences have been paid.


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Heilsa all...

Regarding the use of the site I would kindly remind everyone that the site owners asked us as a Barony to limit the number of "events" at the site...

Since the Rohe family is not part of the SCA they may not know the difference between gatherings like the "Un-event" and "Blue Moon Revel" and real Ansteorran Calendar events... I would request that the Barony please limit the use of the site to two real Ansteorran Calendar Events per year that are hosted by Raven's Fort...further, please limit the number of "camp out work weekends" to two...one per Calendar event or a total of two per year for any reason.

The main concern of the V-Bar Ranch owners is overuse of the pasture, destruction of the grass during dry times and trenching/rutting during times of mud by vehicle traffic.

Thank you all for you time and your consideration in these concerns.


Now this statement makes me retch, "The Barony does not seem to be filled with self-motivators right now, so we'll see.  Regardless, there is a core group of us that are planning on celebrating Blue Moon because... well, we like to keep moving forward even if the Barony sleeps through it."

Where was your so-called "core group" during the many years the Barony could have used your assistance? How much "revision of the real history" do you think people will swallow?

Bah...how shallow...and how deja vu your actions and words...

Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
Sir Kief, Baron Raven's Fort
"Better the Hammer than the nail..."

p.s. Indeed..."What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul ?"


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>The blue moon is Saturday, June 30th.  I figured that we would talk 
>about it on Sunday at fighter practice and decide if there is enough 
>interest in our group to make it happen.  The Barony does not seem to 
>be filled with self-motivators right now, so we'll see.  Regardless, 
>there is a core group of us that are planning on celebrating Blue Moon 
>because... well, we like to keep moving forward even if the Barony 
>sleeps through it.  You are more than welcome either way.
>"What shall it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his 
>soul ?"

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