[Ravensfort] blue moon stuff...

Mon Jun 25 11:39:18 PDT 2007

The Lord of the Manor would have me announce the following
1)  DO NOT GO IN OR AROUND THE VILLAGE!  It is dangerous.  It is
haunted.  The call girls are ugly, the sheriff is corrupt, the water is
tainted, and there are fleas.  Troll fleas.  STAY OUT!
3)  Bring a chair.
4)  Please consider, this IS a work site.  House under construction.
That means, plenty of stuff to trip over, fall off, step on, and run
into.  The Lord of the Manor has made every effort to minimize potential
hazards but must appeal to your better judgment and common sense.  The
Lord of the Manor doesn't know you as well as I do, so appealing to the
common sense of people in funny cloths worries him...  profoundly.
5)  THERE ARE SNAKES.  Watch where you poke.  The snakes are in league
with the trolls.  Being in league with the trolls means the snakes have
fleas too...
6)  There is a creek running through.  You get drunk.  You fall down the
hill.  You drown.  In a week, you stink.  Poke you with a stick and a
possum runs out...  Don't fall in the creek.
7)  There are poisonous plants around which impart boils and itchy fits.
Do not wallow.
8)  It will be muddy and slippery if we get wet...  please use caution.
9)  Bring your instruments.  Play the world your tune...


Ok, The Lord of the Manor will likely find other items to fret over, but
that is all for now.  I will keep you posted should he come up with
others.  Be safe, have fun.




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