[Ravensfort] the Jake

Thu Jun 28 06:20:03 PDT 2007

The Lord of the Manor would assure all Ladies that there is a large
supply of Prince Charmin Feminine Parchment Paper in the larder house.
Should you need a scroll of P.C.F.P.P., please check with the larder
house steward, Mr. Whipple.  Should we run out of P.C.F.P.P., the Lord
of the Manor grants privilege to use any of his soft furry meadow
creatures as substitute.
Please do not throw soft furry meadow creatures in the toilet.


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Okay, for all of us delicate ladies out there, I hope for our sake that
the Jake has plenty of soft parchment paper for our ummm , well for us!!
And as for the gongfermers, I hope they wait till we get out to 'lick'
our fingers!! Ewwwww!  Giovanna 


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