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UNTO Their Excellencies Steppes, Elfsea, and all their Cantons and all of  ANSTEORRA :

His Grace the Duke of Normandy ( Duke Inman ) has asked that we assist him with his upcoming campaign at Three Kings. 

We need FIGHTERS, BOWMEN, & SEIGEMEN with their weapons of choice. Come JOIN UP with His Grace and have stories told of YOU being there fighting with the Duke of Normandy. All DUKES, COUNTS, KNIGHTS & SQUIRES who 0we allegiance to HIS GRACE make your way to Three Kings by any means possible and bring your baggage!!  All other units and mercenaries make your way to Three Kings. We will employ whole units if we can come to price.

We need volunteers for setting up the ambience, guards for the encampment and His Grace, waterbearers, kitchen helpers, fire watchers, wood choppers and many others. All help will be rewarded with food, praise and/or largess.

We plan on having food ( I will be donating the food ) for his army on that Saturday evening ( the menu is being planned ). We will need help for the planning and preparing ( any cooks out there want to volunteer ). I do pay well for good kitchen cooks and helpers. Good time for all the open fire cookers to get together and have some fun.

We need entertainers to encourage us throughout the day, for leading us into battle, to help heal our wounds and sing praises for those who fell in battle and for those who did great deeds on & off the field of battle.

His Grace would like to have bardic that evening telling the deeds of the day. A bardic fire and tales told as they were in the days of old. ( I would like to offer largess for tales told, not only of the fighting forces but also others who help with the event.)

WE want to have a magnificent encampment so WE NEED YOU!  WHOM WILL YOU SERVE!

If you would like to join up please contact His grace at ironduke at tx.rr.com and myself at ginlee at cnbcom.net.

In Service to the Duke of Normandy,
Countess Regina Gunnvor Morningstar & Lord Micheau de Sevigne
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