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Lady Racheal,

You bring up a good question.  We have been discussing the pros and cons of having our newsletter online.  While it does make it easier for a the masses who may not be near to read, you are correct in that not everyone has internet access.  And more importantly, not everyone wants to have internet access or they would still like to have the hard copy.  Hard copies can go into the Historian's Book, used as handouts to newcomers, carried around in the car.  Quite frankly, I like the idea of having a newsletter online, but would rather include pertinent information on our web page, because I will ALWAYS want a hard copy.

As you say, hard copies are still printed.  So, does the cost lessen that much?  You said you budget for it and can break even.  This is good and good to know.

I don't foresee this to made a decision on in the next month, so all information is good information.  I would like to thank you for taking the time to break down costs, give info, list the pros and cons and share your opinions on this matter.  It always helps to see things from a new angle.  Then maybe we can see something we missed before.

In service,
Lady Mary of Axefoot

Racheal <racheal.no.ansteorra at gmail.com> wrote: Hello
 It actually does not save money. If you have the newsletters being paid for by the populace...you can sometimes break even. I would look at how many subscribers I had and base my budget on that. And I would work my 5 extra to be handed out to newcomers into that budget.  Now, I am having to print 10-20 copies per month and the shire has to pay for it.  And all of those copies are given away for free.   
The one thing you need to remember when you are doing an online newsletter - not everyone has access to the internet AND/OR some people do not like using computers so they want a hard copy.  I have one lady that she does access the online but still wants a hard copy to keep in the car with her so she can reference it to make sure where/when the meetings are. 
 It was decided to go online by populace vote.  Actually, I was/am against it. But this is my personal opinion.
 What is the opinion of the other members of Raven's Fort?  Inquiring minds want to know...  : )
 On 6/30/07, Shane Wallace <sdwsdw at suddenlink.net> wrote:   Greetings,
 Thank You, Lady Racheal,
 I think making the newsletter online is a wonderful idea... I know for a fact it saves your group a ton of money in printing cost... A lot of groups are placing their newsletter online in the future... Keep up the good work ! ! ! 
 In Service,
 Lord Malcolm 
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