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Grammer confession - LOL!  =o)
  Leave it to the teacher, thanks!
  As to the southern drawl: Why sir, my perspectives are always chrystal clear!  What evar do you mean?  ;o)

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            This is what Wikipedia has to say (I know...an English teacher shouldn't cite Wikipedia.  I'll go to grammar confession this weekend--where we make the sign of the sentence diagram instead of the sign of the cross):
  Initially, Walker County was named for Robert J. Walker, a legislator from Mississippi who introduced into the United States Congress the resolution to annex Texas. However, Walker later supported the Union during the Civil War; thus, in order to keep the county's name from being changed, it was renamed for Samuel H. Walker, a Texas Ranger and soldier in the American Army.
  The Handbook of Texas Online has this about the name of the county:
  The area was originally named for Robert J. Walker of Mississippi, who introduced into the United States Congress the resolution for the annexationqv of Texas; because he was a Unionist during the Civil War,qv however, in 1863 the state legislature changed the honoree to Samuel H. Walker.qv 
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    Excuse... I say excuse... I say excuse me little lady, but were you referring to the "War of Northern Aggression" ?  Please Honey Child, keep your perspectives as clear as an east Texas autumn sky.
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  HaHa, funny!  
  Yep, Huntspatch is becoming one of the fastest growing retirement communities in East Texas...  they should have walker races during the parades... along with best blue hair competitions
  I read a handout that I picked up at the last Fair on the Squire in regards to whom the county was originally named after & the gentleman was removed because it was discovered his sympethtic ties with those dreadful Yankees during & after the great "War between the states".  The second "Walker" gentleman that replaced the original was no relation to the first...
  (Sorry, don't have brochure in front of me to give me their first names.)  So would that make the county kinda like bookends?

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      v\:* {      BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML)  }  o\:* {      BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML)  }  w\:* {      BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML)  }  .shape {      BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML)  }              Is it called "Walker" County because so many old people want to retire there ?
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  Walker County.   Home to Texas Death Row, Big Sam, the Pine Beetle Festival, and the 100-meter mosey.
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  Will the Lord of the Manor please advise me as to which county are the Stones actually located in? Many thanks. He sure has been quiet lately. I wonder what mischief he could be up to? Makes one wonder doesn't it? Kinda like when your kids become too quiet in the other room? 
  xo Giovanna

  "Noli simul flare sorbereque"

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