[Ravensfort] Populace Update

Dan Smith Jr alaric at consolidated.net
Sun Nov 4 09:23:30 PST 2007

Here were some of the general ideas we discussed at Thursday populace:

1.  We are still accepting bids for the Spring Event.  Autocrat, anyone?
2.  We are looking to fill the office of Minister of Children, Herald, and Hospitaler.  We will need a new Chronicler in January.  We will need a new Reeve in 6 months.
3.  We would like to thank the previous officers:  Mary of Axefoot (MoC), Gregor Elfingstone (Herald), Giovanna (Hospitaler), Ed (List), and Catherine (Seneschal) for their time and efforts.  Thank you.
4.  We have new List Administrators (as was just posted).
5.  We need volunteers to help with Security at the upcoming Bordermarch Melees.  Talk to HE Brian.
6.  The Ravensguild, our college-based organization, meets bi-weekly Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the LSC (Wed. 7th is next).
7.  We will be holding our annual Yule Revel at Ridgetop Farms on the weekend of December 7-9.
8.  The Sewing Night (at the Keep) was a success.  Attendance numbered in the low 20's.
9.  Bardic Night at Alaric's will happen Tuesday, Nov 6 at 8pm.
10.  Defender of the Fort XXV was officially "in the black".

Devin makes YUMMY CAKE!   THANKS DEVIN!!!  (from all the Scorpios and a few Sagitarrius).
Thanks to all you fine folks that attended.

YIS,     Alaric
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