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Here is the reply I posted on Tribe:

Very well said. I miss those days as well.

Nowadays, it's normal to see people driving cars to the list field, feast area, and revels. From my previous autocratting experience: there's nothing like decorating the feast area for 2 hours only to watch it turn into a parking lot. I realize that some folks have issues and need a little help getting around. However, I've seen fighters drive up to the list field to dump their armor. I think the ultimate insult has been the times I'm pulling a wagon, loaded to 50 lbs with musical instruments and fire gear, to a revel while 4-5 people drive by me in their trucks going to the same party. Talk about feeling stupid...

Oh, and another thing: NOISE POLLUTION

While autocratting, I was horrified when several people suggested using a generator to light up feast. "We did it that way last year." Sorry. Not me. Hearing generators and air conditioners drives me insane. My job/lifestyle relies on listening intently, so having a mechanical hum or rattle nearby is akin to holding a red flag in front of my face. On a primitive, quiet site like Ravensfort, you can hear a generator from anywhere on site.

I would love to see the "periodness" ramped up. I've had some reservations about spending $400+ on a period tent, only to see a Chevy parked by it or listen to a generator from it all weekend. It only takes each of us, doing a little bit, to make huge changes. Thanks, Jan, for the topic.


Alaric Sweinbrothar

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We can all do well to do this, it is why we joined the SCA. I knowI will strive to do my part.DevinFrom: ansteorra-bounces at lists.ansteorra.org[mailto:ansteorra-bounces at lists.ansteorra.org] On Behalf Of Jan Van ZandtSent: Wednesday, November 07, 2007 3:13 PMTo: ansteorra at ansteorra.orgSubject: [Ansteorra] a campaign - 'Light a Candle for the Dream'Greetings to all,     The Amazon Household is starting a campaign to increase the enjoyment ofeveryone in the SCA. We are calling it 'Light a Candle for the Dream'. To join us, simply do whatever you can to cover the mundane/modern items inyour camp. If need be: adjust your behavior and speech to make the Dreammore real for all of us. Courtesy - particularly toward women - should be agiven. Hang flags and banners and light up torches instead of modernlanterns. Leave the Dragons and Dungeons and Warcraft at home. Use periodfeastwear and drinking cups/goblets/horns. If you must use modern items -use them out of sight and deposit the trash/remains in a trashcan/barrel/bag. Don't leave empty cans, bottles, paper items, etc. lying onthe ground. If you SMOKE - pick up your butts.  When I joined the SCA -these were the commonly understood rules.
 Somehow they seem to have slowlyslipped away. Every thing you do helps to create the Dream for the rest ofus.We are working on a token to be given to those who help others live theDream. Jan__________________________________________________
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