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Tue Nov 27 05:31:01 PST 2007

Hello everyone and Happy late Thanksgiving! We had a wonderful time in Penn. and woke up one morning to a dusting of snow on the ground, played 18 holes of frisbee golf (great fun and exercise), visited and ate a ton of food.
  I want to thank Alaric and their Excellencies for doing my job for me while I was gone. Alaric you will make an excellent Seneschal! Thanks so much for all that you do.
  Yes, I will  keep the food list going for Yule. So far 14 people have RSVP'd and we have 2 cobblers, dressing and cookies to eat!  Our barn is very modern in case the name throws you. It is 50x60or so with a concrete floor , insulation, and elec. We have a kitchen set up but no running water or stove yet. To compensate we will have coolers of water set up in the sink with a hose going outside, we will have a microwave and a roaster oven in case it is needed. We can also have a camp stove too. So I would suggest that you cook your food ahead of time. I do have an oven in the house if need be. Crash space is still available in the house on the floor or the couch. We also can put people in the barn as there are a few mattresses out there too. We can have extension cords for heaters in people's tents too. First come first served there.
 Well my letter is getting long but there is more news etc.
 We need a CHRONICLER by January. I know you may be intimidated by the wonderful job Devin has done. But it is time for him to lend his talents elsewhere in our Barony. Please consider doing this for us. Someone could lend their own talent to the Quoth and make it a new great thing for us in their own style. We are not picky we just want the news put out to us!    :)
  We also need a Herald very badly and an A&S minister. Please consider these jobs too. We need them filled by the end of this year. I will help anyone who wishes to apply for these three. If you have been considering these please step forward now. I will love you forever!!!! A minister of children would be very nice also!!  I know you may be getting tired of my begging but we need some of these filled to continue our Baronial status and it is getting down to the wire on these now. 
 I am sure there is more to say but I will quit for now. Thanks for letting me write a long one. And thanks for reading it! Love and service, Giovanna      I hope to see everyone at Yule.

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