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 Raven's Fort Yule Revel
   There is a slight smell of winter in the air and the pine whisper of glad tidings and warm fires. Yes, it is almost Yuletide in the Barony of Raven's Fort!  
    When: Saturday December 8th
  Where: 1811 CR 121, Centerville Texas
  Ridgetop Farms 
   This year we will celebrate Yule at the home of Lord Pace & Lady Giovanna.  Please mark your calendars for this revel, you do not want to miss it!  
   Camping is available from Friday until whenever. Crash space is available but limited so reserve early. Please do not wear sandals, there are berry vines, gopher holes and other such creatures that live in the country about!  
   Saturday night around 4pm there will be a pot-luck feast. Please bring a dish to share with the Barony. There shall also be a desert contest with Their Excellencies as the judges. Also we will be putting up stockings to put goodies in. If you wish to participate then bring a stocking and some goodies! And of course we will have the traditional Mongolian Gift Exchange. Please bring a gift if you wish to join in the fun ! ! !
  Please bring your feast gear and a chair. Garb is encouraged during the revel!
   There will be a campfire Saturday night with a drum circle, fire dancing and much revelry ! ! ! Bards entertain us with your songs and stories ! Fighters, bring your gear for fighting during the day Saturday & Sunday ! Artisans bring your A&S projects to work on !
            Please look for the directions and phone no. in this months Quoth or email giovanna51 at yahoo.com for directions. RSVP if possible (changing your mind is fine) but we would like to get an approximate amount coming and making sure we have a variety of food. We have plenty of indoor space in case of rain.
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