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My dearest Populace, I have looked through all of the buckets of clothing etc. that our gracious Barony has contributed to over the years. I am bringing freshly laundered summer type garb to the event. I also found 4 mugs and several wooden bowls. In going through the garb I found 10 tabbards that are red/black, looks to be maybe old Baronial guard  tabards? Does tabard have one or two b's? No spell check button on this computer. Anyway  :)   they are faded like they were used in the past? Any ideas on this one? Should I bring them?  We need children's garb badly. I found many tunics of various sizes and a few chemises. Some pants. So we could use some chemises, children's garb, and feast gear for newcomers. We have several coming, just bring things to Malcolm's hospitaler pavillion or the waterbearing station. Thanks, Giovanna  
     And the site looks awesome. We have many hard working people in this Barony. I am proud to be a part of the newly energized Barony of Raven's Fort! xoxo Vivat Raven's Fort!!

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