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As Alaric stated we are pretty much ready for the event as far as water goes.  He and I left the site last night at 10PM sharp after the last of the water was stored.  I am taking part of Friday  off so I will be back out to fill six more barrels to leave in my trailer with the pump incase we run out somewhere or we need a firetruck.  My thanks to Zorc, Alaric, Jalali and Erich for their help with the wet stuff.

Thanks also to all of you that help paint the Ravens on the kitchen windows.  Kitsune, Saint David, Jalali, Kristobal, Amanda, Amber, Nathan and Chris.  I am very pleased with the results.  Nice job guys.

Yes, fools rush in where the brave dare not go.   I counted 14 for sure stings on me, but none below the belt.  Many thanks to the kind ladies that offered to urinate on me to counteract the yellow jacket's poison.  ...very tempting.

I have some equipment that I did not want to leave on site after the work day.  I have the Baroness' power blaster,  Giovanna's water jug and the Baronial water pump and hoses.  I will bring it all back for the event.  Thanks for the use.

It was really wonderful seeing so many on site again.  Raven's Fort lives.


"what shall it profit a man,
if he shall gain the whole world,
and lose his own soul ?"

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  I regret that ANY of you missed our Baronial Boys Ballet doing "Wasp Lake" this weekend at the site work day.  Plachoya and HE Brian looked fabulous doing pirouettes together as the bugs whizzed about their heads.  Marius followed it up with his smashing excerpt from "Nutstinger Suite".  Animals were harmed in the making of this production.
  This was, by far, our most productive work party.  The site looks wonderful.

  We accomplished:

  1.  Filled all the water barrels including the equestrian water, showers, and kitchen tower
  2.  Set up the main activity tents
  3.  Removed yet MORE debris from the kitchen area and plastic from the bonfire
  4.  Touched up the paint on the kitchen and storage unit (which look AWESOME)
  5.  Brush-hogged and fine cut the list field, archery field, equestrian, kitchen, court, baronial, stones, parking, and gate areas
  6.  Removed mowed hay from the list field to the bonfire
  7.  Cleaned litter on the main road from the train tracks to the site
  8.  Moved the "dressing room" to the shower area
  9.  Worked repairs on the archery targets

  I am proud to thank each of you I saw this weekend :

  Their Excellencies Brian and Fionna
  Walla Walla
  Pace'  -  This guy worked from Thursday through Sunday.  Where I come from we call these types "Crazy Bastages"

    Sir Kief tells me he will spend time this week killing ants and brush-hogging.  Aeonghas, Gundy, and I will be at the site all day Friday, trying to tie up any loose ends.  There are still a few small jobs to do as well as pavillions to set up.  Any of you that can donate some time on Friday will be placed on my extra-special "BFF" list.

  Pray for good weather,   Alaric


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