[Ravensfort] The Devil comes!

Tue Sep 11 07:34:10 PDT 2007

The Lord of the Manor would have me announce...

Something lies upon the horizon.  Auguries have heard in the prattle of
Ravens that a great gathering is at hand.  "An army comes!" They say.
"Death is at hand, ready for a feast!"  "Gather all, my brothers!"
"Gather all!"  "Many shall die without viaticum and we shall soon eat
well!"  Who knows what omen this forebodes but we fear the Devil comes!

To that add scouting reports of activity from just beyond our wooded
copse. Great roaring beasts that nash upon the fields and spit grass!
The sound of water's slosh mingled with hammering, the dying gasp of
ants, painting..., raking...., laughter....?  wtf?


How could this....?

What could this mean....?

We are at a loss, but shall investigate further...

Until that time guard your babies and hold them tight, step widely about
serpents, beware of fauns, and cover your ears to the crow's "le cucu."

The Lord of the Manor would have me further announce...

He has invented bubbles.


"The sixth thing to say is about insulting superstitions, some of which
are insulting to God, others to man. The superstitions which attribute
divine honors to demons or any other creature insult God. Idolatry is
one example, or when wretched women sorcerers seek salvation through the
adoration of saddles (sambuca) to which they make offerings, through the
condemnation of churches and relics of the saints, through carrying
their children to ant-hills or other places in search of healing."
-Stephen de Bourbon (d. 1262): De Supersticione

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