[Ravensfort] The Baron's Men Present William Shakespeare's "The Comedy of Errors"

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Wed Sep 12 09:58:35 PDT 2007

Greetings RF!
  This should might interest the "Baronial Boys Ballet", if not the rest of the member's of the populace.   =o)  The Baron's Men always put on quite a grand performance that should not be missed!  It will be at Bryn Gwlad Fall Barional event, Sept 29th.    ~chrystal~
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      The good master Seymour has asked me to forward on this missive to interested parties....
  Unus sed Leo
  Greetings Gentles All,
  It is with greate pride that I announce the newest production by Ansteorra’s premier troupe of players! Upon the evening of September 29th, following Court, at Bryn Gwlad's Fall Faire, The Baron’s Men shall have cause to perform a most humorous comedy by William Shakespeare knowne as “The Comedy of Errors”. This spectacle shall take place in the Knowne World’s only permanent theatre, The Curtain Theatre. 
  Join us, therefore, in Bryn Gwlad for a night of mirth and joy under the stars in the renowned Curtain Theatre as The Baron’s Men recount this most admirable comedy and revel away the evening with merriment among friends in the finest theatre in the knowne world.
  Yours With Greate Sincerity,
  Adam Seymour

  Alaric had written:
    "I regret that ANY of you missed our Baronial Boys Ballet doing "Wasp Lake" this weekend at the site work day.  Plachoya and HE Brian looked fabulous doing pirouettes together as the bugs whizzed about their heads.  Marius followed it up with his smashing excerpt from "Nutstinger Suite".  Animals were harmed in the making of this production.  This was, by far, our most productive work party.  The site looks wonderful."

  I wish I had been there to view the great "Wasp Lake" followed up by the "Nutstinger Suite".  It's unfortunate this happened, truly, but the written description, well, to put it one way, I'm glad I wasn't drinking any coffe at the time I read it!!!  Unfortunately Hysterical!
  Hope all are mending well (except the yellow-jackets of course)...
  Excellent work Alaric & Co.!!!  Thank you!!
  HE Chrystal Ariana MacRuari

  "Noli simul flare sorbereque"

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