[Ravensfort] Mowing, partial Tree Felling, and Ant Control

Dan Smith Jr alaric at consolidated.net
Wed Sep 12 23:38:18 PDT 2007

Very good!  I'm glad to hear that the tree is less of a worry.
Something I forgot to mention when I saw you on Saturday (this came from a 
populace discussion) is that the land owners would like us to burn the large 
pile of greenery that's accumulating beyond the archery field.  I heard 
rumor (again, at populace) that we may try to do it this weekend.  The stuff 
is VERY green, though.  I just wanted to make sure you had wind of this.
I will be bringing my mower on Friday to touch-up the fine cutting.  Thanks 
abunch for knocking down the big stuff.
At the risk of having a shoe thrown at me...

DE DOo deee....
(to the tune of "Pink Panther", of course...)

Pray to God, but row for shore....              (old russian proverb)


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> Heilsa Alaric and all...
> A good bit more of the site has been mowed...I am hoping that the (highly 
> probable) heavy rain holds off long enough to accomplish more of the 
> pasture cutting... In any case I think that 98% of the usual camping and 
> activity areas have been mowed.
> One huge limb of the dying oak tree in Haus Kiersted camp has been felled. 
> That should greatly reduce the risk from dangerous deadfall from that tree 
> until it can be totally removed later...
> If the rains do come...the ant killing will have to put off until Friday 
> morning... I will access the site as soon as I am able to kill as many of 
> the mounds as possible. Please remember that fire ants like to climb to 
> escape rising water and many mounds may be displaced by heavy 
> rains...examine wood piles and other possible ant refuges before sitting 
> or moving...
> More results later...
> Your good neighbor...
> Wæs Þu Hæl in TroÞ and FriÞ...!
> Kief
> "Better the Hammer than the nail..."

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