[Ravensfort] Coming home to Ravensfort Defender

Cathal SilAlmhain silalmhain at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 17 07:30:24 PDT 2007


Back in my tiny keep at the edge of the knowne world
(a.k.a. Brownsville, TX), I take a moment to send my
thanks to the Barony of Ravensfort.

First, the sight was immaculate.  I found many fire
ant mounds, some tiny and some of impressive size, and
every single one was entirely dead.  I did not find a
single fire ant.  With the amount of rain you all have
had, that alone is an impressive feat. The site was
mowed and trimmed well, and the many improvements over
the years have increased the site's beauty, not the
least of which is the kitchen: wow!  I rememeber when
the kitchen was nothing more than a storage shed with
a fancy title!  Now it is amazing, and beatifully
decorated.  Further, there was not a single stinging
insect nest anywhere to be found.  The site was truly
in impressive shape.

The feast was delicious.  It is hard for me to spare
the praise, as the feast was so good, but I will let
it suffice to say that, and this: when I heard who was
preparing the feast I anticipated excellence and I was
not disappointed.

But, as always, it is the people who make the event
what it is.  It was wonderful to see so many old
friends, and to make new ones, as always is the case
at an R-fort event.

All in all, it made the event what I had hoped for: I
felt that I had come home.  For some, saying that may
be small praise, but for those of you who know me
well, you know that I do not say this lightly.

I want to thank you all for all the hard work each of
you invested in making the event what it was, and the
site what it is. 

Now, I return to my watch.  VERY sore from a few hours
of fighting.  Looking forward to seeing you all again.

Ld. Cathal SilALmhain
Cadet to Don Z---

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