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Dan Smith Jr alaric at consolidated.net
Mon Sep 17 11:54:58 PDT 2007

  While trying to invent a way to bottle and sell the feeling I get from a job well done, I decided to write this letter to my Barony.  Although I realize that I was the hub around which all this chaos spun, I do not for one moment entertain the notion that I could have pulled this off without the help of our whole group.  Each and every one of you offered your advice when needed, backed off when requested, and hopped into action whenever called upon.  A few of you even took care of things that I would have never known to consider.  "Hosting this event" was it's own reward, and I appreciate the opportunity to serve as your Autocrat.  Thank you.

There are many moments from this weekend that will forever be in my heart.  I have taken the time to jot down 10 of them.

1.  Being greeted on Friday by Pace' and Giovanna, already on site.  I knew instantly that everything was going to be fine.

2.  Watching as my brothers from Austin hopped out of their vehicles and ran to help us hoist the BFTs after a 4 hour journey.  I didn't even have to ask.

3.  Chatting with Jalali as we taped the Equestrian field against the most beautiful sunset imaginable.

4.  Watching that poor, malformed turkey-vulture thing being dragged across the ground as Latham cackled maniacally at their gnomish ingenuity.

5.  The kitchen crew, all clad in Sweinbrothar aprons, swinging their hips in time while chopping veggies.

6.  My 30-second conversation with Mary of Axefoot during feast.  Thank you.

7.  Watching my lady Tareija dance around our fire while drumming with Kief and knowing that I was in one of those rare "perfect moments in time".

8.  Seeing Balda "perform" around the Sweincamp fire.  Jimmy Dean would be proud (and maybe a little confused?!?!).

9.  Having Marius jump to it, no questions asked, when I requested his help at the showers refilling water barrels.  I had promised him 74 times that I would NOT have him doing this.

10.  The black circles under Gundy's bloodshot eyes.

  There are many other memories like these that will follow me all my days.  I look forward to making more of them with this wonderful group, the Barony of Ravensfort.

Ld. Alaric Sweinbrothar
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