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You can also look at some of the party stores, Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Bed Bath and Beyond.  They do sell period looking paper lanterns that run off batteries.  The lights in them are LED's.  I have seen them in white and multi-colored papers and silks

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You Devil You!  I would have driven to Huntsville to get another taste of the cobbler.
I couldn't find affordable periodish looking lights online.  I did look... a lot!  I have some battery operated lights that we talked about putting on the trees in the curve of the road at one of the meetings.
Dom & I were talking about some LED battery operated lights in hanging paper lanterns.  If the paper thingy was big enough we could put small battery operated lanterns in them.   The regular battery operated lights really aren't that bright.  It would almost have to be the LED ones or use double the amount because it's going to be dark on that path.  Really really dark.  Solar would be a problem because someone would have to move the solar panel or the individual lights into the sun to fully charge.  
Lanterns or lights can be hung from tree branches by a rope which would keep people from falling over them or running over them if they didn't see the shepherd hooks.  I know I'd be the first one to crash into one.
Or I found (reasonably priced) LED battery operated lights that could just be tied onto a tree trunk.  I wouldn't mind buying them especially since you can put 2 in a paper shade and make it even brighter so people won't trip over no-see-ums in the paths.  Or on a path to a porta-privy.  Then there are the very cheap closet type lights that you push to turn on and off.  They could just be laid on the ground marking the path.
Any of the battery operated lights will have to have someone turn them on and off, either that or keep changing batteries all weekend.
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While that is a fine idea, it is not really period. Is there a way to light the path with something that looks period and yet gives off no flame? How about small battery powered lanterns hung on small shepherd hooks?
By the way. The cobbler that I had frozen for a week thawed out in 9 hours in the fridge. It froze and thawed just fine and tastes just as good. The added flour gave it better consistency but lacked flavor. I will try adding some cake mix to it before I coat the peaches in it. Should do the trick.
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I have a couple of 'rope lights' that do give off quite a bit of light.
They would be perfect for the path from Equestrian to the kitchen.
HOWEVER... they are electrical.  How can they be changed to work
off batteries or a small battery like for a lawn mower?
I'm still digging out the battery operated small strings of lights out
of various boxes.
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