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I may still have a plastic pallet beside my garage.  I'll try to remember to go look and see if I can get it out of the weeds.  Just looked (and I'm having a lovely slow rain - bragging here) and the plastic pallet is gone but there is a wooden one.  No idea what kind of shape it is in.  Will wait until after the rain to pull it out.  It may end up on the burn pile.

The battery operated single candles have a plastic base.  So a couple of them could be set on the table in the dressing area.  No much light but better than none.  I use 5 of them in my candelabra and it gives enough light to read by.  They are normally $2.99 at Hobby Lobby for a pair of them in the wedding section.  When I'm in there and it's 50% off I buy a package or two.  They use AA batteries.  I have 4 new ones (2 packages) that I bought the last time they were on sale so they can be used where ever needed.  If someone is desperate enough to steal them they're only taking $1.50 for 2 of them.

Sher Montgomery & The Thundering Herd
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  To answer your questions, 

  First, the name is Vlod NotVlad for this event, not Marius.

  We use to put citronella candles outside the port-a-cans and leave them all night unattended for light, but all that has changed.  I am guessing that the land agent would frown on having unattended Coleman flames even if they were hanging from trees on chains... so my answer is no, even though it would be the best thing to do.  I do like the idea of wrapping the string lights around the large trees even if they only go around once.  

  Lords and Ladies showers and dressing rooms ??  Why so provincial ?  We've never had any problems using a first come, first serve system in the past.  

  The toothpaste and shampoo baskets are a nice idea, but as you pointed out, the SCA is not what it use to be when it comes to all the people being honest enough to leave things that are not theirs alone.  It will be kinda like Halloween when your are not going to be at home.  You leave a bowl of candy out with a note that says, "Take one please" and of course the first kid to come along will empty the bowl... and maybe even take the bowl.  I'm not sure I would use tooth paste that has been left unattended anyway.  Maybe I'm just funny that way, but I am not going to put anything in my mouth that has been left in an area with unsupervised naked people.  Again, a nice idea, but people should bring their own from home or borrow from a friend.  

  The rugs and mats for the showers is a good idea if they are raised off the ground with pallets so mud will not ooze through.  The table and chairs are a good idea too.  You need to remember that the reed fences are all but completely see through so I am guessing that most people will not want to expose themselves for even that short walk.  Also, I am not sure how you would arrange the dressing room so that you could reach it from both showers and still have a drive through between.  Keep in mind that I would like to use one of the reed fences in the kitchen area.  I do not know how many we have.  They were set up at one event to wall off my campsite and they seemed to stretch a long way so maybe we will have enough for both.

  I hate to be negative about so many things that are offered in the spirit of help and friendship.  So many of your ideas have been good.  I am sure we will work it all out in the end.

  In peaceful service to the Barony,
  Vlod NotVlad

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          Buongiorno everyone,  Well I have  little strings of poison ivy on my arms and one leg from cleaning the site last Sat. morning. Not the first time however. It is everywhere. If you are allergic, don't walk around the site right after it has been mowed. That is the worst time to get exposed!
           Anyway, there won't be a pathway from equestrian to the kitchen . We are going to mow the entire woods area between the stalls and the kitchen. We made a path to begin with but now will open up the whole thing. So I don't think we will need lights there. We could put one around the stall area and the water pump station we will make for them though.
             The road will definately need some however. I told equestrian that we would light up the big tree that Brian, Pace, and Marius cleaned up for them to have a wider area to swing the trailers around on the road. I looked at the tree and it is pretty big around. I don't think solar lights would work on the road because their car headlights will be on. But a few hanging lanterns kinda light mini street lights would be nice. Marius are we allowed to put real coleman lanterns on shepherd hooks lining the road?  Or do we have to use battery ones on the road? I have a coleman lantern that I could donate to the cause. I could buy a shepherd hook from Dollar Store. I already got one for the hospitaler banner.   I also have many landscape lights but would hesitate to bring them because I already got burned at an event with theft. Who would figure? But still feel the sting of that one.
            Things we thought of last Sat. that we could use-
             any lanterns , lights, hooks for lighting pathways, showers etc. 
             door mats for outside each shower and rugs for the dressing rooms
             small articles like toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo etc. for the dressing rooms and baskets to hold them. I have one made already just need 3 more.
            I want to put a chair and small table outside each of the two Lords showers (the two furtherest from the dressing room) 
            I want to put a chair and table and lantern (battery) in each Ladies dressing room and a carpet to the closest showers. They will be the Ladies showers. 
            Anyone want to make a small banner or sign designating the showers as Lords and Ladies? We are going to put the grass fencing around them for privacy. And maybe make them a little more separate from each other.

            Pace painted the showers to brighten them up Sat. They will suffice for this event anyway. There is a large ant bed by one doorway.
            That is all I can think of. Any things I missed?
            YIS, G


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