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That's why I like my itty bitty flashlight.  I can hide it in my hand.  Also why I like the battery operated candles.  I can't burn myself or my tent down (or anyone else's).

I can see putting some type of light along the drive as not everyone is familiar with the culvert thingy and the trees and if they get there after dark it will make a lot of difference.  

I personally think I look younger in dim lighting ... or is that when dimwits look at me?  Never can remember that one.

P.S.  My Wii Fit is kicking me bum...

Sher Montgomery & The Thundering Herd
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        i have been reading all these suggestions and while i think they are good and practicle for saftey and all...
        i remember a time when all we had were flashlights, tiki torches and lanterns and that was all. we got along fine by that. if we get to the point of lighting the whole area don't we lose a part of what we do? might as well stay home in the light and watch tv. this may sound like i am being an a**hol*, but part of the charm of the SCA is the fact that is was kinda dim and romantic.
        again...using things for saftey is one thing, but i would like to see us try and keep it to just what we really need.



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