[Ravensfort] Early Music CD New Release, today

James Northfolke jamesnorthfolke at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 12:13:24 PDT 2008

This is cool--from Harmonia Mundi.

Ludus Danielis

"The Play of Daniel is a 12th-century liturgical drama of collective 
authorship whose manuscript originated at Beauvais Cathedral. It relates 
how the prophet Daniel deciphered the Writing on the Wall for King 
Belshazzar, then was miraculously saved from the lions’ den. The story 
was probably sung and acted out by young clerics during the Christmas 
festivities, when liturgical rigour was relaxed somewhat. This recording 
transports us back to the origins of music as spectacle: long before the 
advent of opera, the Church had already grasped the impact of dramatic 


17 bucks at Amazon


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