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How about the four serving/buffets stations for feast?

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Thank you so much for your donations.  The Barony will buy the batteries.

I believe that there are a limited number of places we will need lights.

* To accent trees near the entry gate
* At the kitchen end of the Equestrian camping on the short path that runs 
just a few feet through the woods.  Only one or maybe two lights there.
* We have never had lights in the showers, but it might not be a bad idea if 
mounted away from the spout side.  One in each shower would be four.
* In the port-a-cans.  I believe that we have reserved six normals and one 
handicap.  Since we are expecting a larger than normal crowd, maybe we 
should consider one or two more.

I can't think of anywhere else we need any.  Can anyone else ?

Vlod NotVlad
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