[Ravensfort] Lighting

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 13 15:31:55 PDT 2008

Was going to say ... where's our MoC?  But we don't have one right now.
Sounds like a perfect thing to keep the little darlings busy and in the 
shade where they won't heat stroke.
Next time I'm in town I'll try to remember to grab some white paper bags.  I 
can always use what's left over for jewelry pieces.

(snicker) I didn't even think about the Swein mercenaries.  I was just 
thinking how hard people have worked on the site and how much keeps getting 
added and should anyone get 'tacky' over something they might find 
themselves up over a tree branch holding a lantern.  We could have a Toss 
The Grump Contest.  One that stuck over a tree branch wins the opportunity 
to hold a lantern during Feast.

Sher Montgomery & The Thundering Herd

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> Gundy wrote:
> Could let the kids decorate bags Saturday to keep them away from the 
> kitchen. Wouldn't do for them to become feast again.
>> Sher wrote:
>> Who says we can't take over the rest of the kingdom in a day... those
>> of you with such little
>> faith in evil, ancient hags and hags in training could unite and
>> probably do it in 8 hours.  If
>> the reward was sufficient...
> Don't forget, the rest of the kingdom doesn't have access to Swein 
> mercenaries, either.
> -- 
> Gundy
> "If you're normal the crowd will accept you, but if you're deranged the
> crowd will make you their leader." -Titus

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