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I'll spring for the white paper bags and throw some money in the pot for the glow sticks.  I think Therasia is right.  Too many LED lanterns or Colemans would really change the 'feel' of the site.  I've got a zillion pins that are too rusty to use for fabric that can be used to poke holes in the bags.  If someone would print out a raven (several copies) outline we could just poke the holes and be done.  If the raven is small enough you wouldn't even need to open the bags, just poke through both layers (okay get your mind out of the poke gutter).


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        Hello everyone, I have read all of our emails about lighting and we are very awesome to be having such lively, 'enlightening' discussions. All are very interesting and I am very happy about the enthusiasm. All are important and have very good ideas. I love the idea of the raven on the white bags. I lived in the neighborhood next to NASA and we were the one who put luminaries, white bags with sand and candles, lining the curbs every Christmas.  We had nonstop cars driving through every Christmas eve.   The tradition started to show the Astronauts in space where their  families lived as they floated past us on Christmas Eve. Not sure if it was true but what a nice story!   Anyway, I think after all the discussion,  everyone bring to the site what we can use and we will leave it up to our Autocrat to  order us around to place various things where he wants them. I like the idea of lighting up the cattle guard out at the road especially with rope lights  so the  equestrians can see the edges of it etc. and somehow that culvert when you enter the gate area.
          Now to the muscle part--- We need able bodied people to come to the site  early Sat. and maybe Sunday morning to move a few things around. We need to get things put where they will go before we decorate etc. So the first thing is to get it all where we want it to stay for the event. So please come out early Sat. morning to help move things. It shouldn't take long and  by the time the heat comes up we could be finished. So please come out this Sat. morning and help our Autocrat Vlod notVlad!  He is now needing some muscle out there. He will be there early and needing help. YIS, itchy G


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