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Sun Aug 17 08:47:46 PDT 2008

>From the Autocrat of Defender of the Fort :

We've had a very productive workday at The Stones already this weekend.  
Many thanks to the "haul it around" crew, Alaric, Tareija, Plachoya, the ever present Runa and that Marius person.  

The water tower has been moved to a less intrusive spot.  Now the first thing you see when you come on site is NOT a plastic holding tank.  The tower looks like it was made for it new spot on the far side of the storeroom.  The ugly plastic barrels can still be strapped to the tower between events, but now they are hidden behind the storeroom.  Who knows, we could even install a drain hose on the sink so the water can be routed to some place besides your feet.

All the odds and ends around the kitchen has been moved away so the area now has an uncluttered look and easy access to all the windows.  The small smoker style bbq pits have been moved away and setup so they can be used at anytime.  The unattached sink has been moved, but not set in a useable place yet.  We are going to try to set up a hose for a water tower feed that allows easy access to the kitchen itself.  

The dais used for the Noble presence at feast has been moved to under the shady pines behind the kitchen.  We will set up the tables in a Semi-circle so more of the populace can hear what is going on in court.  With the water tower gone and the kitchen cleaned up, the Royals should have a pleasant, unrestricted view of the listfield.

The Barony's long wooden benches have been set up under the big oak in Raven's Fort central in preparation for the Pelican Circle.  

The site is really starting to look great !!!!!  Again, many thanks to everyone that has helped along the way.  Jalali, Latham, Giovanna, Pace, Brian, Saint David and whoever I left out.  I know there were a few more.

We are in very good shape, but there is till a bit to do.  
Today I will be concentrating on hauling the brush that has been already cut to the bonfire.  If someone shows up with a generator I would cut more in the Equestrian area.  One more good day's work would have the area cleared completely.  

The Stones still need to be reset.  That of course should be an on going project.  If more than one person is on site, and there is time, the cap stones that the cows knock off should be reset.  It is an issue of Baronial pride.  The Stones should never look as they do right now.  If we tend to them it will not take such a major effort as it will this time.

You are also welcome to work on your own campsites.  

And coming up the first two weekends in September, lawn mowers.

See you on site.

Vlod NotVlad
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