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The Lord of the Manor would have me announce:

Here we are, just getting an edge on the wood roach problem, then the Romans show up!


Who'da thought such nice people like those "ESSE-A-ers"  would ever hang out with Republicans!


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>From the Autocrat of Defender of the Fort :

Many thanks to Saint David Saint David and that Marius person for their hand in reconstruction at the site today.  It seems that Roman forts can just pop up almost anywhere.

Many, many more thanks to the Raven's Fort Brewers Guild for today's efforts toward the up coming event.  I saw an IPA and a Dark Wheat.  For a more informed description, contact Don Charles of Lizard Keep or come to The Ravens Flag Brew Tent after Defender court.
*Disclaimers :
*Do not drink if you are under 21.
*Do not drink and drive.
*If your are on your bike that night, ware white.
*Kissing build up your lips.

Blessed are the folks that help move this event forward giant steps this weekend.

Vlod NotVlad

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