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The Guild Day hosted by the Raven's Guild and food provided by the Cooking Guild will be held on Sat., Sept. 7th.  I believe the time frame was set for 3pm (?)  Should be a lot of fun.  Oh. Yeah..it will be at the Gazebo on Ave O/19th Street.


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Yo, y'all:
we had a fighter practice on Sunday, didn't we?
I forgot...   :-(
Sean and I put the kayak in the water for the first Sunday morning
and it was after 4 when we got out, so at least we were having
fun while we forgot all about practice

so when's our fighter practice/lure the college students thing?
Is it this weekend?
I have brain like sieve
which is why I wrote it all down - but now I can't find where
I wrote it all down!
I blame my former career as a professor for this - I was way
too successful at the absent-minded bit...and it shows...

Anyway, can someone clue me in on when our "look slick for
the students" is going to be (this weekend?)
so I can make sure the armour looks good and I have the paint
on the heater touched up (I usually only use the
heater at wars, but it's such a good piece of heraldic display,
I thought I'd use it when the students were around
watching us.  Running into a bunch of SCA fighters one day
when I was in college is how I sucked into the SCA
so I am all for using good looking fighter stuff to lure new
college-aged members
Therasia the absent-minded
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