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>From the Autocrat of Defender of the Fort :

Today's workday was short, but very productive.  In spite of the early afternoon rains we were able to accomplish the majority of what was mandatory to keep the event timeline on schedule.  

The Equestrian area is now completely cleared of brush and saplings.  With a crew working, we cleared more in two and a half hours that it took me seven hours to clear by myself.   It is ready for Pace to do his magic with the blades.  We will have to work in front of him clearing dead fall logs, but they are all small and restricted to grouped areas.  It should be no problem to remove them by trailer in an hour or less.  We would have done it today if the rain hadn't made them so yucky to handle. 

A thousand blessing on Charles ( the Don formally known as Zorc ) who was the first to suggest that we work again this weekend after the typical Autocrat's "we aren't going to get everything done" meltdown.  
Blessings also on ( and from, I guess ) Saint David Saint David who's mere presence can whip the peasants into frenzies.
Blessings on Runa the Ever Present.
And that Marius person.  I hear he's a hard worker, I just wish he didn't attract snakes.
Blessings upon blessings on Baron Brian for recruiting workers for another work day on the 31st.
Blessings on all that have help with site work for this event.  Your efforts clearly show.

Anyone that can bring 
Lawnmowers  Lawnmowers  Lawnmowers
to the workday on the 31st will be a great help
and receive lots of word fame.

In peaceful service to the Barony and the Kingdom,
Vlod NotVlad

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  Due to the rescheduling of the college demo and a fighter practice to the first weekend of September two more work days have been added to the event calendar. 

  A few of us will be meeting at The Stones around 10AM tomorrow.  

  Also, as Baron Brian posted, Sunday August 30th will be another.

  If you have some free time, please come out and lend a hand.

  In service...,
  Vlod NotVlad


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