[Ravensfort] A Tale of A Spy

Sher M runa.herd at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 23 14:48:06 PDT 2008

A work party entered the forest at Ravens Fort
It was a small group watching carefully for marauders and unfriendly spies

The group worked hard in clearing the land
They encounter no enemies, no scouts were seen lurking about

Many trips were made back and forth
Hauling the debris to the giant fire pile

They finally took a break so Runa wouldn't fall over
A nice breeze sprang up to cool the weary group

One (who shall remain nameless but his initials are VlodNotVlad) returned to the woods
He carried his trusty chainsaw that had given him fits more than once this day

We hear some strange sounds coming from the woods
When an inquiry was made the response was even stranger

There was muttering about a snake trying to spy out the land
It seems it crawled into the saw in some strange manner

It was stuck...(insert chainsaw noise)...Is it still there?
Yes...(insert more chainsaw noise)...Still there?  Yes!

So the former Zorcon decided to step in and offer his help
The one who shall remain nameless (his other initials are Marius) exited the woods

A snake of horrible proportions was dangling from a twig
This vicious brute that assaulted the chainsaw exceeded 6" in length

It gave its all in defending its turf
It suffer mortal wounds and was dispatched to snake heaven

Its demise should be a lesson to those who seek to find Defender's weaknesses
All will be dealt with in the manner most befitting their crimes

Runa of The Thundering Herd
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