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Unto the Baron of Ravensfort, 
I brother Michael, Have been sent by my abbot to attend to the affairs of fighting in the lands that is what you claim as your barony. It is his utmost concern that you be able to bear arms on the field in this constant time of war.    There are many who prey on the travaler, the sick, and the weak. This ends as of today. I shall make it my personal, nay the goal of my brother Hospitallers to make it so. No more will any fear bandits or those that would do your people harm. The roads of this land will be made safe to its boarders and the way made clear to Acre.  We newly home from the Holy Lands will make it so.  I shall ensure my abbots words are met with deeds worthy of his praise. 
 Brother Michael of GravesendCenturion of the Sable Star 
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