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I can't believe I left the pinking shears!  Highly important.  I think I know what it takes to make ransom.  No note needed!

It was a really good gathering, although a little small..we made up for it in the company.  I would personally like to thank Giovanna for cutting out all of the cloaks for the Baronial Guard.  Vivat!

And special thanks are in order to Vlad Not Vlod for his navigational skills and Key Map when I was wandering around lost in the Woods!  Thanks a million.  The idea of me stranded, no gas, no phone signal scared the stuff out of me.  I really don't think I would have made it there without your assistance.

Runa, your shop is amazing in space..still can't believe that bathroom is bigger than my kitchen!!  Offering your place was more than appreciated.  We must have more activities there..but only if that fan is in action!!

Many thanks for all that showed up and support our Hospitaler, Pace.  That list is..Runa, Tarejia, Shanahan, Pace, Giovanna, Vlad and that Axefoot person named Marie.

Looking forward to seeing the fruits of our labor displayed at Defender.

In service,
Marie de Meaux

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I'll be there for poison ivy 
And many thanks for all the nice comments 
about the new shop.  Next time I hope to have the cutting room floor done 
and the cutting table finished.  
I will be holding a ransom discussion 
during or before Populace regarding:
Pinking Shears
Fabric & Fabric 
Gridded cutting board
Sher Montgomery & The Thundering Herd

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  Well, Baron Brian wrote,
  "I am planning to be at the site early on 
  Sunday the" 31st "of August cleaning, cutting, building and mowing the whole 
  equestrian camp area and stables. If any one would like to help I would be 
  happy to have your help. 
  I will also be cooking some bratwurst and 
  hot dogs with all the fix-ins and even a few cold beverages to wash them down. 
  If any one wants to bring some thing else to 
  eat or add to the table feel welcome! Just let me know.
YOUR Baron
  du Val"
  We will also be taking down a few more trees 
  at the gate.  
  The Stones still need to be 
  I am hoping that we will have lots of 
  lawnmowers going.
  I will bring ice cold watermelon and a few 
  soft drinks.
  Vlod NotVlad
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What time?


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    Sunday is a workday and we plan to take down a few more 
    trees at the gate.  Could ya please come out and bring your chainsaw 
    There is going to be food later in the day.
    Vlod NotVlad

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