[Ravensfort] Sunday Aug 31st workday

John Reuter jareuter1066 at sbcglobal.net
Sun Aug 31 07:27:16 PDT 2008

Wow, all the talk of the sewing guild sound great!

With Gustave in the gulf We hope we all are save and our families are all ready to weather the storm. If you need to move loved ones or your selves to better shelter, Baroness Fionna and I pray that your travel is safe and that no one gets hurt. Please be careful, many people are fleeing to northern sanctuaries.

As for the site work day today:
I hope to get the stables ready today and cut down one or more trees today.
I understand that some of the poison ivy on the trees needs to come down. My machete should make short business of them if we chop them off at the base and pull them off the tree and then pull them out of the ground they should not grow back. I am not allergic to poison ivy like most folks. I would not care to sit in a patch to prove it. I just may find out just what it would to to me if exposed to it long enough. I have rope for the stables and can get more if we need it. 

Don't forget that I have some brats, beef kielbasa and hot dogs with all the fixings. Did some one did say they were bringing potato salad ? Marius and I will have some soft drinks available. Napkins, spoons and paper bowls for the potato salad would be nice if some one can pick some up. plan for about 10 folks.

Your Baron
Brian du Val
Baron of Raven's Fort

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