[Ravensfort] weekly news

CAC giovanna51 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 1 07:42:57 PST 2008

Dear Populace, This is a busy week for our Barony. ALL officers please get your monthly reports to me by Dec. 5. The hospitaler needs to know dates and etc. for all guild meetings and fighter practices. His report is due on that day. I need the info. also.
  Our Populace meeting is this Thursday. I will have Yule info at that time. We are also bringing back our purple bag  to pass around at that time. Those of you who have attended populace in the past know of 'the bag'!
  Yule is this Sunday. Bring feast gear, garb, chairs, food, drink and stockings and stuffings. Also don't forget the Mongolian gift exchange. If you plan on coming Sat. night to camp out, it will be cold so bring warm things. If you plan on staying in the house bring pillows and blankets etc. our floor gets cold. So far I have Jalali, Devin, Chrystal and Charles staying on the beds, and Dom in the van. Let me know if this is incorrect. I also have a bed in the barn for people with bedding as well. Warning, it will be cold. xo G
Oh and I love the underworld shows as well! I would love that job!


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