[Ravensfort] my sun hat

Cat Clark cat at rocks4brains.com
Wed Dec 3 19:18:56 PST 2008


Well, I thought I was going to make it to populace meeting,
but I just sat down and looked at the prep instructions for
this little procedure I'm having Friday.  It's one of those where
gastroenterologist inserts a certain instrument up a particular

Yeah, one of those. 

So I picked up the prep medicine at the pharmacy a little
while ago and really looked at the instructions carefully.  I'm
supposed to take this stuff, designed to clean out your innards,
starting at 4 PM.  Frankly the stuff looks like horse pills.  I
have to take four at a time - with 8 oz of water.  This gets
repeated every 15 minutes until 5.  That's not too bad, other
than being waterlogged.  I get to repeat this again starting at
9 PM.  All well and good, right?

Then I see the punch line:

"Remain close to toliet"

I think I'm going to skip the meeting tomorrow night.  Can
you hold onto the hat until I can swing by and pick it up?


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