[Ravensfort] Guess What?

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I do miss the Minnesota winter; where the air is so crisp and cold, it 
feels like spruce needles are poking your face; where the night sky is 
so clear and the moon is so pale in color and bright in luminance that 
it makes the ice on the trees and the snow crystals on the ground jump 
like stars should if you could see them for the monochrome blue of 
everything illuminated; until Dad yells, "you guys go shovel the 
driveway!"  "Awhh, Dad.  Why can't we get a snowblower like everyone 
else?"  "Because I have two shovels and two sons that are paid for.  Now 
go do it."  Truth be told, my brother and I could finish the work before 
most of the neighbors were able to get their cold snowblowers started.

Sher M wrote:
> Hmm... so far this year we've had the Mudlees, De-Iker but at least 
> the snow waited until after Yule!
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>> Yup. The Yankees do think you're crazy.  Any time it snows (or the 
>> temp drops below 40) locally, I tell Amber not to go out, especially 
>> to the grocery store, as the Crazy Texans are out stocking up on 
>> supplies; you know, in case it lasts past noon.  In any event, we can 
>> say we survived the blizzard of oh-8.
>> Hehe. ;)
>> James

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