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Well it seems that only 4 of us have an idea of what to do about Populace! Since there are not many offers or ideas I will wait a few more days to decide where to have it on Jan. 8. The shop would be fine to me but I would love it if our BandB would offer up suggestions as well especially since Fionna has so far to drive to get to the shop? Maybe they are out of town for the holidays. Any idea when Brian might get back?
  As far as the Huntsville Item, Pace did not call them since it was going to be changed. Maybe they did it out of courtesy, which was nice for us.
   Thanks Chrystal for telling me that we might need to tell the fire station that we want all first Thursdays for next year. I will call them back and make sure that is set up. It seems they have many people using their space for meetings. Chrystal what happened to the meeting rooms that were going up on the east side of 45, it has been awhile since we heard about them. YIS, G

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