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Hello everyone and a hearty vivat to everyone who braved the rain and winds to attend our meeting last night. We had 17 people present. And Pace and I awoke to snow everywhere and still falling this am. Beautiful.
 News- The feast from Melees has been frozen and will hopefully be incorporated into the foods served at Defender as to cut down on our losses, which were around only $218.24. Wonderful.
  We are awaiting word from Bordermarch as to when we will have another joint event with them in 2009, Raven'sMarch!
 Our Reeve position is open and awaiting someone to work with HE Chrystal and then take over in June. She has been so wonderfully careful in this job and has done such a great job of it too!
 Birthdays- HE Fionna, Lord Devin, and HE David!  Happy ones!
 Herald report is in along with a list of Heraldry supplies to be passed down. Thank you HE Kitsune.
* I need a supply list from all officers via email asap for our files.
 We have someone applying for Knight Marshall and he has a deputy. We hope to hear from them soon on this.
 We also have someone applying for waterbearer and hope to hear from this soon as well.
 A red slip will be placed in your Quoth when your subscription is almost up so you won't miss any!  They are also for sale at every Populace. Artwork is needed for our Quoth's , see Alaric on this.
 Brewer's Guild is meeting Sunday morning at 9am or so at the Lizard Keep.    Music/Bardic Guild is meeting next Tuesday at 8pm at Alaric and Tareija's.
 Armor's Guild has met and hammered on some metal! Talk to HE Brian for the next one.
 We want a group from our Barony to go to Gulf War next year. We want to get our own camp spot and put in a showing there in 2009. So begin saving for gas now!
 We are trying to get a group together to go to the Museum in Houston to see Van Gough, I think, see HE Brian for this trip.
 We NEED to have a fund raiser and are talking garage sale in garb somewhere where there is already a flea market or town square happening. Start saving good stuff for it and kick around ideas and dates maybe next fall?.
  That is all I believe, let me know if I forgot anything. YIS, Giovanna. 

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