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CAC giovanna51 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 07:40:03 PDT 2008

Hello there, I am not sure what's up with the list of emails about people's political views and even if our RF list is involved. I would like our list moderators to research this and see if we are on something that we shouldn't be included on. I would like us removed if so, or if someone got a hold of our RF address list somehow. Please let us know what you discover.
    And if this was posted to the RF list then please take it to a private level. Our list should be for news that directly impacts our Baronial family.
   I am also sure however if people would cut and paste addresses and not just push the reply button, emails would be simpler and not long enough to see the same emails over and over etc. Just my opinion and a pet peeve.  If this has made it to the RF list somehow, I would appreciate the   people involved to consider this NOT Baronial news particular to the smooth running of our Barony and not post it to our list anymore. This should be a private discussion. Again just my opinion. My business is to help our Barony remain positive and not be involved in negative opinions or discussions hurtful to each other. 
   YIS seriously! 

Lady Giovanna Lena Caronna
Seneschal -Barony of Raven's Fort
 and Southern Regional WB
Kingdom of Ansteorra

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