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Subject: [Ansteorra] Collegium Not just for Scribes and Heralds - 
AnsteorranHeraldic and Scribal Symposium

> Greetings Ansteorra,
> Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal Symposium will be held at Christ the King 
> Lutheran Church (near Rice U.) in Houston TX, JUNE 28th, hosted by the 
> Canton of Westgate.  Gulf War is past, time to start looking at the 
> collegiums for the summer season and get your classes together.    With 10 
> classrooms and an outside patio and grassy area, please begin considering 
> teaching a class in the Heraldic or Scribal Arts, and MORE...
> Classes wanted include:
> **Heraldic classes**:  Armory (devices), Onomastics (names), Heraldic 
> office procedures, Voice, Court and Field Heraldry and more...
> **Scribal Classes**:  Calligraphy (various hands), Illuminations 
> (whitework, hightlights,
> knotwork, vine and Ivy, diapering), Period Pigments, Preparing Vellum, 
> Framing artwork, Layout and Design, Quill cutting, bookbinding, 
> papermaking, and more...
> **Childrens Class track**:  Heraldry and Scribal classes for youths and 
> children.
> **Heraldic Decoration**:  Banner making, decorating your camp and tent, 
> Heraldic costume and fighter tunics, feast gear with heraldic designs in 
> majolic pottery or glass etching, and more....
> **Ansteorran Insignia**:  Different kingdom insignia, their purpose, how 
> they are designed,
> inkle-loom weaving, braiding belt insignia, painting wooden insignia, 
> needlepoint patterns for
> insignia, simple metal piercework, and more...
>  Please send Teacher Registrations for your class information via e-mail 
> to include:
>     SCA Name:
>     Real name:
>     Phone:
>     E-mail address:
>     Branch:
>     Class Name:
>     Class Description (brief),
>     Student supply list:
>     Type (Heraldry, Scribal, other):
>     Indoor/Outdoor Class:
>     Fee:
>     Student Limit:
>     Equipment requirement:  (sink, electronic equipment)
>         (efforts will be made to supply electronic equipment, plan to 
> bring own if possible),
>     Preferred time: (morning/afternoon):
>     Comments:
> HERALDIC classes: For questions regarding HERALDIC classes and teacher 
> registrations, please contact Lady Valeria, Solstice Herald at: "Valeria" 
> <vbrown3 at gmail.com>.
>  SCRIBAL OR OTHER CLASSES: For questions and teacher registrations 
> regarding SCRIBAL OR OTHER CLASSES, please contact Mistress Hillary 
> Greenslade at "Hillary"  hillaryrg at yahoo.com.
> In addition to the collegium, the event is planning several competitions 
> to test the wits, a scribal display and great food for luncheon and feast.
>  It's going to be a fabulous symposium, be there!
> Cheers, Hillary Greenslade, AHSS Class Co-Coordinator
>  hillaryrg at yahoo.com

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