[Ravensfort] MIN FEAST - updated list #3, correction

Thu May 1 06:06:53 PDT 2008

I really should like read stuff...  


Or, like half read stuff...


Or, at the very least, glance at stuff for key words, like 'populace'.


My culinary specialty is buttermilk and crackers, but it takes a special
sort of person to really enjoy the subtleties....


We'll work up to that one...


If ya'll need any fillers let me know...








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Updated food list for May Populace

Lemon Chicken with herbs - Marie
Fried chicken, rice & rolls - Devin/Klar
Mustard Potato salad - Giovanna/Pace
Corn, creamed spinach - HE Fionna/ Ivan
Glazed green snap beans - Marius
Romaine Salad - Marie
5 Gallons of Iced tea - HE Crystal
Disposable Plates - Marie
Baklawa (Lebanese version of Baklava) - James
Peach Cobbler - Devin

The list seems to really be coming along.  I look forward to hearing
from more of you..and/or seeing more food magically arrive tomorrow.

Also, DON'T forget to bring your A&S display item(s)!!

Marie de Meaux



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